Working at work

Getting work done at work is so hard because of all of those meetings. And so many of them don’t feel like a good use of time. So, I’m working on having fewer unproductive meetings. If you want to meet with me, you’ll have to tell me:

  • Intent of the meeting (and why it can’t be accomplish asynchronously)
  • Agenda for the meeting (showing why the length is appropriate)
  • What I need to do to prepare

If someone can’t tell me those, I’m declining the meeting. And, of course, because I wouldn’t hold anyone to a standard I don’t hold myself to, I’m not scheduling meetings without providing that information in the invite.


There’s more…

I’ve been working on a few large projects and writing has taken a bit of a backseat. However, I do have several drafts from the past month. I have learned a lot and want to share. More importantly, I’d like to you hear your input; maybe you can help me solve some issues that keep coming up. Posts to come: The Cost of Offshoring IT, Communicating Effectively in Person, Tools – help or hurt.

Let’s do this

I am starting this blog to keep a record of my wins, losses, trials, and joys as I work at the art of agile coaching. I have been worked in agile in many forms (but mostly scrum) as a developer, quality assurer, development manager, project manager, and product owner. I respect and enjoy the art of continuous improvement. The next step in my journey is to codify my learnings and take my coaching to the next level. I have been focusing on teaching agile and scrum to all those I work with in order to improve output, attitude, quality, and overall satisfaction in the software development lifecycle.

The goal of this blog is to share my experiences with the agile community. I hope to find others on the same path and use our combined knowledge to better the practice of agile. I hope to provide others with the inspiration to keep going, knowing someone else is having the same setbacks and wins. I look forward to collaboration and receiving suggestions and comments from others.

Let’s do this…