Working at work

Getting work done at work is so hard because of all of those meetings. And so many of them don’t feel like a good use of time. So, I’m working on having fewer unproductive meetings. If you want to meet with me, you’ll have to tell me: Intent of the meeting (and why it can’t be… Continue reading Working at work

Time is a resource

As Project Managers we are taught to “manage resources.” Too often, however, the only resources that are managed are the people. There are others though, and I find the most important and often overlooked is time. Time is not the enemy. We don’t fall short of the mark because time ran out on us; time… Continue reading Time is a resource

There’s more…

I’ve been working on a few large projects and writing has taken a bit of a backseat. However, I do have several drafts from the past month. I have learned a lot and want to share. More importantly, I’d like to you hear your input; maybe you can help me solve some issues that keep… Continue reading There’s more…

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Building cross functional teams

Scrum is a style of Agile software development that has become very popular. However, like its namesake in Rugby, the development methodology depends on the ideal that the team is at its greatest power when it moves ahead together as a unit: a scrum. “Scrum relies on a self-organizing, cross-functional team. … The team is cross-functional… Continue reading Building cross functional teams

Just getting it done is getting me down

I am demanding. I want work to be done perfectly every time. I expect everyone to have the same attention to detail and follow through as me. Guess what? It’s frustrating and the frustration doesn’t yield better results. Even worse, the frustration is mine alone and doesn’t help anyone (specifically the person I’m frustrated with)… Continue reading Just getting it done is getting me down