The bottleneck of false import

I have only been at my current organization one year, but somehow I am already the definitive source for information. I am no technical expert, but find myself making technical decisions. I care so much about getting the job done (both well and on time) that I weigh in on technical decisions just to expedite.… Continue reading The bottleneck of false import

Development Tools

Developers do the work. It’s just the truth. I can coach and teach but I don’t make the product go. It’s a frustrating a rewarding thing to be the coach. But it also means that I have the responsibility to get the team whatever they need to get the job done. Today I want to talk about… Continue reading Development Tools

Let’s do this

I am starting this blog to keep a record of my wins, losses, trials, and joys as I work at the art of agile coaching. I have been worked in agile in many forms (but mostly scrum) as a developer, quality assurer, development manager, project manager, and product owner. I respect and enjoy the art… Continue reading Let’s do this

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